Beyond Dynamic Yoga – the Power of Ashtanga [UK Import]

  • Гейнер до и после в домашних условиях своими руками, или протеин как принимать для набора массы
  • Похудение. Диета для похудения отзывы. Упражнения для похудения в домашних условиях
  • Эфедрин. Действие эфедрина на организм. Эфедрин действие
  • Бодибилдинг и пауэрлифтинг. Бодибилдинг программа тренировок. Пауэрлифтинг программа тренировок
  • Сушка. Сушка тела для девушек. Бешеная сушка
  • Креатин на сушке. Можно ли принимать креатин моногидрат во время (в период) сушки?
  • Бег и кардио – польза или вред в бодибилдинге? Кардиотренировки для сжигания жира
  • Пить кофе. Можно ли пить кофе перед тренировкой? Пить ли кофе?
  • Дроп сеты. Что такое дроп сеты и их использование в бодибилдинге
  • Время подход. Сколько времени отдыхать от подхода?
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Maya Fiennes – The Mantras of Kundalini Yoga : Be Happy [DVD] [UK Import]

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This 3 disc boxed set gives you the opportunity to grow mentally, physically & spiritually. They will help you achieve your highest potential. Mantra is a sound vibration, which helps to bring the whole body to a higher frequency that resonates with the frequency of the Universe. It clears your mind from negative thoughts and promotes the natural healing properties that the body has. Each mantra creates its own rhythms of breathing, which expresses certain moods and emotions, and improves our mental state/ Mantras can enable you to see and hear things beyond the physical world, remember dreams and silence the mind.

BuddhaBellies – Yoga for Pregnancy DVD [UK Import]

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Yoga is the perfect exercise for your birth preparation as it helps strengthen the body, enhances flexibility and calms the mind. Inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, Nicole Croft, author of the Good Birth Companion, has designed the sequences in this DVD to emphasise the breath, gravity and spinal alignment, all of which are essential for a comfortable pregnancy and positive labour. 'Buddhabellies – Yoga for Pregnancy DVD' will help you to feel confident, relaxed and prepared during birth and is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice with an experienced teacher in the comfort of your own home.

This DVD offers practice workouts of varying lengths, all of which emphasise postural alignment and flexibility, strengthening the body's fitness in preparation for labour. Regular yoga practice is proven to quiet the mind and improve agility and strength, making it the perfect way to prepare for birth. The DVD is suited to all stages of pregnancy beyond 14 weeks and begins with an empowering introductory sequence covering the importance of being active during birth.
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